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2311 SE Washington Blvd, Bartlesville, OK 74006, USA

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We Are Lotus Gold Bartlesville*

Lotus gold Bartlesville value the health and the safety of communities who could stand to gain from the use of products. We are committed to breaking the stigma surrounding these THC products for the sake of educating and improving our local communities and the great state of Oklahoma as a whole.

Type of Lotus gold Bartlesville

There are thousands of strains of cannabis in the world, but they break down into three main categories:


Marijuana leaf isolated on a white background
  • A subspecies of cannabis reaching heights of 15-25 feet with thinner, finger-like leaves.
  • Flowers in 10-16 weeks with elongated colas but lower yield.
  • Cannabis sativa cultivars are typically described as—but not exclusively—producing a more cerebral-based experience for the consumer.
  • There is no difference in effect between a Sativa and an Indica plant. A Sativa can possess a cannabinoid and terpene profile indistinguishable in taste, smell, and appearance to India.


Green cannabis leaves isolated on white background. Growing medical marijuana.
  • A subspecies of cannabis reaching heights of 3-6 feet with broad, bushy leaves.
  • Within cannabis culture, cannabis Indica cultivars are typically expected to produce a more body-centered experience.
  • These supposed attributes have nothing to do with the Indica subspecies, but you may still hear people describing India as a sedative anyway. Dispelling a myth takes time.


Cannabis fan leaf. Fresh green hemp fan leaf of Cannabis ruderalis. Low THC species are used as a tea and as herbal medicine. Macro food photo closes up from above, isolated on white background.
  • It typically sits between 1 and 2.5 feet tall at harvest.
  • Of the three main cannabis subspecies, cannabis ruderalis is shorter and stalkier.
  • A wild and hard plant native to central and eastern Europe. Botanists gave the classification “ruderalis” for the breeds of the wild hemp plants that had adapted to extreme climates.
  • Ruderalis typically contains a low amount of THC in comparison to the two other cannabis subspecies.


Marijuana cannabis leaves isolated on white background
  • A variety of cannabis is created from two separate cannabis subspecies (i.e. Indica, ruderalis, Sativa).
  • Hybrid morphologies incorporate a large spectrum of different heights, shapes, and effects depending on lineage and growing/harvesting processes.
  • Flowering time varies with predominantly high yields.
  • Hybrid cultivars may be used at different times of the day depending on the cultivar and the consumer.