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How it works

Leafy Rewards is the nations latest CashBack website. You save on all your In-store and Online purchases across thousands of outlets nationwide. Earning CashBack is simple, shop as you would for your favorite brands and products and earn real CashBack.
Take advantage of shopping for your favorite brands and products and earn real cash back. You can use our website, browser extensions or mobile apps and shop however is most convenient for you.
Not at all. This is a FREE CashBack service. You do not have to pay anything.

Cashback Related

Here are a few steps:

  1. Make sure you are logged into your Leafy Rewards account.
  2. Click on "Shop Now" when taking advantage of an offer.
  3. Have your AdBlock disabled to make sure your order is tracked.
  4. Please start with an empty shopping cart.
  5. For offer and outlet specific conditions please view the 'Useful Tips' section on the outlet page.
The pending CashBack amounts are calculated on a best effort basis and can change upon final confirmation from the outlet or brand. This occurs because the exact purchase amount is unknown until the transaction is confirmed by the outlet. Upon the confirmation, the final confirmed CashBack can be lower or higher.
Yes, there are outlets and offers that don't have any CashBack offers available. 
Pending CashBack/Rewards is cash that is on the way and is awaiting outlet confirmation, subject to no return or cancellation and other terms by the merchant. 
Confirmed CashBack/Rewards is money that you can withdraw.
If your CashBack is declined by the outlet, your transaction will be removed from your pending balance. The status of the transaction will be set to canceled in your CashBack activity page. The outlet holds sole discretion in determining the validity of a transaction. If you believe the CashBack was wrongfully declined, you may submit a claim. However, please note that all outlet decisions are final.

Refer & Earn

Visit your Leafy Rewards 'Refer and Earn' section under your profile and earn rewards by inviting your friends to Leafy Rewards.

Visit your Leafy Rewards 'Refer and Earn' section under your profile:

  1. Share your Referral code with friends.
  2. Invite friends via social media channels.
  3. Invite via email on the Referral page

Share & Earn

Create your CashBack trackable link from any of our partner merchants and share with your friends & family. When the purchase takes place using your link, you will earn the CashBack.

Tracking issues

If your CashBack was not tracked, follow these steps:
1. Minimum 48 hours has passed since you made the purchase. Sometimes outlets can take up to 48 hours to track.
2. You completed the purchase in the same session after clicking out of Leafy Rewards. You did not use any other widget or comparison site after getting redirected from Leafy Rewards. Please file a Missing CashBack Claim in your profile portal for the transaction which was not tracked. Note: Merchants reserve the right to properly qualify CashBack purchases. 
It can sometimes take up to 3 days for an outlet to track a transaction. Hence outlets do not accept any missing tickets before the end of this period.
Our sophisticated system tracks every time you click out from Leafy Rewards to any of our partner outlets. If you do not see an outlet in the exit click dropdown then you have not visited the outlet via Leafy Rewards. 

Cashback payment

CashBack earned from Leafy Rewards is your money and NEVER expires. It’s your money and you can use it anytime.  Please see withdrawal options and limits for details.
To withdraw your balance, login to your Leafy Rewards account and visit your profile. Select the method of withdrawal and select the account where you wish to transfer your Available Balance. Enter the amount and hit submit.

More questions

Our Customer Care team will be happy to assist you. Please email us at: [email protected].