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Vytal Options Harrisburg

Vytal Options Harrisburg

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4711 Queen Avenue, Harrisburg, PA 17109, USA

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About Vytal Options Harrisburg

We are Vytal Options Harrisburg*

Your Medical Marijuana journey is personal. Your qualifying condition, your product preferences, your dosage requirements – are all personal. Therefore, Vytal Options Harrisburg PA dispensary promises to offer you meticulously chosen products of the highest quality and to consult you through a selection process that is personalized for your specific needs. We believe in research We believe in education We believe in compassion We believe in informed decision making We believe every individual deserves tailored care We believe that choices are important to your quality of life  We believe your OPTIONS are VYTAL VYTAL OPTIONS Harrisburg is part of the PA OPTIONS FOR WELLNESS family and benefits from the research PAOFW conducts in partnership with the Penn State College of Medicine. To find out more about ongoing research projects or to learn about becoming involved in research with PA OPTIONS FOR WELLNESS, please visit the site here.
If this is your first time visiting a Vytal Options Harrisburg dispensary, please follow the instructions below: At Vytal Options Harrisburg, all new patients and caregivers of new patients must fill out our Intake form and may schedule a consultation with our pharmacist; however, walk-ins are welcome. Feel free to reach out to one of our pharmacists via email at [email protected]. Please be advised that dispensary appointments are strictly for registered Medical Marijuana patients in Pennsylvania who have their Medical Marijuana ID Card. All visitors must have a valid Pennsylvania Medical Marijuana ID card. If you do not have your valid card with you, you will not be permitted to enter a Vytal Options dispensary.

The Forms Of Consumption at Vytal Options Harrisburg

At Vytal Options Harrisburg there are various ways to consume Medical Marijuana, which is available in different forms. Each form has its own distinct set of benefits and effects for treating specific health ailments.


Flower is the dry form of Medical Marijuana. Under Pennsylvania state law, flower must be consumed through vaporization.


When flower is pressed at high pressures, the concentrated elements within the plants can be extracted. The resulting concentrate can take on a variety of forms, all of which are consumed through vaporization.
  • Oil - A thick, sticky liquid that can contain varying levels of THC
  • Shatter - A smooth, solid, and transparent concentrate that typically shows higher THC levels.
  • Wax - An opaque, soft extracts that typically show lower THC levels
  • Budder - A creamy, butter-like concentrate that typically shows higher THC levels
  • Resin - A dark, gooey concentrate that typically shows higher THC levels


Topical forms of Medical Marijuana are used to treat localized, chronic pain. Topical applications come in a variety of forms. Medical Marijuana can be used in balms, lotions, and patches and applied directly to the skin for treatment.


Oral forms of Medical Marijuana can come as capsules, tinctures, and sprays. These forms are ideal for patients in need of quick and discrete treatment.
  • Capsules - Also known as pills, contain oil from Medical Marijuana and are swallowed for consumption
  • Tinctures - Tinctures are Medical Marijuana in its liquid form and is typically applied under the tongue with a syringe
  • Sprays - Tinctures are also made to spray on the tongue
Check out Vytal Options Harrisburg  website for more information on how to get your complimentary consultation.